Personal Biography I was born in 1947 and received my first license @ age 17 as WN6KXH. In 1965 it became WB6KXH, 1971 WA7SLS, and in 1972 WB6TMY.

As soon as I achieved 13-wpm, I put my key in the garage and became a fone boy. An AM man to the end, I operated during the Side Band wars of the early 70's. After going QRT, I went down on the CW bands and found a lot of my old AM buddies, stomped off the air and very angry, just as I was. I remember wondering if Z was --.. or ..-- and had to look it up. The old Ranger was chirpy and drifty; it's amazing what a forgiving mode AM is!

I spent nine years drifting through small broadcast stations earning low wages as a DJ - Janitor - Chief Engineer - Salesman - General Manager. My big break came in 1976 when KPH offered me a job as a maritime commercial CW operator. Naturally my telegraphy skills trebled while working 40 hours a week for 15 years! It's hard for an amateur to get that kind ofpractice time to build their skills. The last six years at KPH I moved over to the technical end. I worked on ancient & modern transmitters and antennas, eventually upgrading my education as well as skills in electronics with an A.S. degree and computer, microwave & satellite knowledge. It was a good ride lasting 21 years.

Following that, I did a stint with a broadcast group (Bonneville) in San Francisco. They had top rated stations, KOIT & KDFC. When that ended I returned to working in ship to shore Maritime shortwave radio KFS/KPH at Globe Wireless. No humans sending on CW, nowdays everything is by computer & its all digital.

I became crippled in August 2005 with a spinal cord injury on my T-8 as an incomplete. Today, I continue making a painfully slow recovery while living on disability.

I would love to QSO you! Especially if you're a CW operator!

Send me an e-mail and we can set up a sked.

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Very 73,