Starting at 1700GMT 03VI97 every two hours on all frequencies
the following broadcast was transmitted:

"Important Notice to Mariners"

"Pls. note: Effective 30Jun97, the call letters and frequencies of stations
KPH and WCC will be assigned to the facilities of Globe Wireless.
After many years of continuous service from our QTH at Bolinas,
Marshall/Point Reyes, and Chatham, the employees of KPH and WCC
wish you fair winds and bon voyage."

On 30VI97 at 2148 GMT a final transmission was made on 500KHz only
with a message similar to the above.

The facilities at Point Reyes/Bolinas - Chatham today are dark and silent.

The callsign KPH & WCC are still on the air, but they come from other places,
and are keyed by the operators of Globe Wireless in Half Moon Bay CA.