Become a 45 WPM
CW Operator!
& Learn about Antennas too!

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What we will do...
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1.     Use the book "The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy" by Bill Pierpont. Good fortune has made this book available in printed form from: Cost is $14 + $4 shipping = $18 - I recommend it highly! If you don't want to spend the money, you can download it off the internet for free at this site.

2.     I will give you a free floppy (and you may give me a floppy in return if you wish) containing "THE MILL" by Jim Farrior W4FOK. This is a free program, written to "spread the faith," and the only request is that you share it with others... As with the book, it is available on the internet at: I recommend this highly also!

3.     Un-obtanium purchase. I will be using the book "Reflections II" by M. Walter Maxwell W2DU, now out of print, previously available from World Radio: Give it a click now and then in case they get more copies. Perhaps you can steal or borrow a copy. They sold for about $20 + tax shipping & handling. This is not a "how-to" book, it's very theoretical. I will make photostats from it in class & hand out to those who choose not to buy it (you may pay me for the copies if you wish). Depending on class interest we will cover Smith Charts etc... It's good to know about antennas!

Where & When?

- Evenings at the Hamilton Wireless Association - - - - - -
- The class is now stopped, awaiting more students! - - - - MAP_TO_CLUB.html
- E-mail me to make your reservations! - - - - - - - - - - - - E-mail
- Tuition: Free, I never charge for my classes - - - - - - - - "SPAM Filter"

What You Will Bring...

1. A desire for excellence and faith in your ability to achieve.
2. Any level of expertise from total beginner to my superior.
3. Expections of fun on this lifetime adventure!

Who am I?

1. A member in poor standing of the Chicken Fat Operators Club, minimum requirement 45 WPM.
2. A person who would like to see new CW operators experiencing an easier path to success.
3. A very experienced ham with ALL of his commercial licenses & a lifetime career of professional radio in every aspect.


God Bless & Very 73,