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                                                                                                      LAST UPDATE:  110219
Dear OMs,                                                                                             LAST UPDATE: 11-02-19
                                                                                                                    Y  M  D
I love to QSO!                                                                                                      E  O  A
                                                                                                                    A  N  Y
On-Air is much more enjoyable than e-mails!                                                                         R  T
Send me an email & make a sked!

My dialysis is now Monday Wednesday and Friday from 10:15AM to 3:00PM.  I am NCS on NCN1 Wed nights at 7PM LMT.   Mon-Wed-Sat 
at 7:30AM on 3599KHz for the "QRQ" net.  W6BNB is our leader (NCS).  Mon 8AM, Wed 8:30AM Fri 8AM on 3535KHz with W6ICM (LMT).  
Wed 8AM & Fri 7:30AM on 3815KHz.

Until further notice I have lost the use of my 5-band trap dipole.  I will be operating 100W barefoot on a 128' wire against 
ground with greatly reduced signals.

My HyGain 5BDQ dipole  at 45ft is still  up, sans feedline.  A  K2/100/AL811H and an Ameritron  QSK-5 switch comprise the  HF 
station,  usually at 500W on 40 and 100W on 80CW, 500W  80fone.  For widest possible SSB bandwidth (2.6KHz), the S/N 0838 was 
sent in to Elecraft and updated with all  the mods to make it the equivalent of  the S/N 6XXX now being shipped.  A new  Heil 
Gold Mike GM-5 was purchased for best modulation envelope.  

If you should hear me on the air, during random QSO's, please BREAK-IN right away.  My biggest problem is available time  & 
if you wait for the QSO to end I may miss my chance to talk with you.

Lastly, you might send  me a QSL via  eQSL.cc or LoTW if  I'm in your log.   I now have paper  QSL's, please don't send  me 
yours, as I put them in the waste can when I receive them.  Let me know when we QSO and I will send you mine.

Let me tell you about my new printer, a Kodak 6150.  I am THRILLED with it.  Printing QSL cards is just part of the  story, 
it has ink that costs about 1/3 of other printers, and the ink cartridges are sooo much bigger than the others, they hold a 
lot of ink.  Not only do you pay 1/3 the cost, you get much more ink.  The true cost is much lower than that !  The printer 
makes double sided copies, eliminating the need to pull out  the printed sheet and re-enter reversed for the other side,  a 
great convenience.  It prints #10 envelopes. does faxes etc etc.  Anyway, I recommend it to you highly.

Very 73,

TR, K6GC CFO #1000

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