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Call Updated 16 March 2010

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A couple of valuable (IMHO) websites have recently come to my attention !

Optimum number of ground radials
Al Christman, K3LC

Bandwidth of CW signals
Mark Amos, W8XR

I cannot begin to express my admiration for the clarity and excellence of these websites !

From time to time I have random off-topic thoughts. While they may have no practical
value they make fine sources of rag-chew for QSO's. If you work me on the air they
may give us something to make dot and dash music about ! Random Thoughts

Find out How Ham Radio Works!!!!

Check Into a Traffic Net !

Code Class 3K

Trades 3K

Antennas 3K

Personal Biography 3K

Chicken Fat Operators Club #1000

QTU: Hours of Operation 5K

MO&O_DE_TR.txt 33K

The Phillips Code 159K

Election Outcome


WB6TMY has many of the same accoutrements as other Amateur Radio Stations:

Two meters, IC-229H & J-pole at 15 feet - Icom T-90 WalkieTalkie
Mobile Hustler CG-144 Collinear antenna with IC-229H
Elecraft K2/100 KAT100 - W5UXH Keyboard
Ameritron 811H Amplifier
Ground Mounted Butternut HF2V 160-80-40
HyGain 5BDQ trap dipole at 45 feet

Another Web Picture...

"TR" & Barbara,
My wife is the Nurse in RADIONS
223K 18K 5K

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