Warren T. Reese

I would enjoy Voice Tracking for Your Station or part time Engineering

Work Responsibilities & History

    1967 Trained as classical announcer under Al Endicott, instructor of
    NBC Announcers Workshop. Air Staff: KQCY KQIK KCNO KRAF
    1972 General Manager of WCNL Newport NH
    Wrote & produced my own spots in direct street sales at these stations:
    KQCY QuincyCA KNBA VallejoCA KJAYSacramentoCA KLIL UkiahCA
    2005 Chief Operator at KDYA/KDIA Vallejo CA
    2005 Senior RF Technician at KPH/KFS Dixon/Rio Vista CA
    2002 Level 94 Microwave Tech at Agilent in Rohnert Park CA
    1998-2000 Assistant to the Chief Engineer at Bonneville Group in
    San Francisco CA - "Transmitter Man" for KZQZ 95.7 Mt Bruno
    KDFC 102.1 Mt Beacon KOIT 96.5 Mt Sutro & 1260 Mt Candlestick -
    Maintenance on RCS when engineering at KOIT, KDFC, & KZQZ
    also, computer & studio work; KGO - KSFO - KMKY: Field Intensity
    Measurements; KPOO: Short-term projects; KBBF Maintain studio facility
    Chief Engineer: KWRO Coquille OR KAHI AuburnCA KPSI PalmSprings CA
    Several Proof of Performances without a Consulting Engineer;
    KPH Bolinas CA Maritime Service 21 Years until 1997, Responsable for
    2.2 Million dollar facility; Provided solutions - not problems;
    Installed & maintained 23 Henry Radio Transmitters, 5 KW ea;
    Engineered & built "T" medium frequency antenna; Advised & assisted in
    maintenance of 22 HF beam antennas; Installed & maintained T-1 digital line
    Point Reyes to Bolinas; Various specialized digital equipment's, FDM's etc.

Education & Certificates

    1995 Associate of Science, Santa Rosa Junior College
    1995 GMDSS "Satellite" Maintainer FCC License
    1994 Digital Testing & Trouble Shooting MCI Course
    1977 1st Class Telegraph FCC License
    1976 Amateur Extra License (WB6TMY)
      William B. Ogden "Radio Operational Engineering School"
      1st Class Radiotelephone FCC License
    Completed two years at Arizona State University

155 Black Snag Rd

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Eureka CA

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