Four Groups Below, 1 Sell, 1 Sold, 2 on the "Wish List"

$20 each

Used DoorKnob Capacitors, Similar to picture
2-Each 200pF 15KV N750 HEC HT57
2-Each 10pF 15KV NPO HEC HT57Y100ME
2-Each 25pF 15KV NPO HEC HT57Y250ME

Buyer pays shipping

e-mail "trades-at-radions-dot-net"

Was $600, sold for $400

Used Alinco DX-70T EDX-2 EMS-14, Similar to pictures
Units are used, email me for details

A local guy came to my house and took it to his home

e-mail "trades-at-radions-dot-net"

I don't have the money

It's a "someday" wish. Someday when I have the cash,
I will be looking for one. In the mean time keep me in mind.
I dont need the paddle in the picture, K2 should be "Bare Bones"
No amp, no SSB, no Noise Blanker, No 160, etc No Nothing

e-mail "trades-at-radions-dot-net"

Another item I can't afford.

Same deal as above. When I get the money I'll start looking.
Spiro D-314 Pro Series with or without the optional balun
Covers 30-17-12 Meters, 37' Long with two traps
T-17 and T-12 traps, or what have you ?
I'm open to any ideas.

I will pay shipping

e-mail "trades-at-radions-dot-net"